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Switzerland's Top Chef Silvano Braga

Welcome to my journal! Here you can explore family recipes, professional & inspiring food photography.

All Photos are Copyrighted by Adrienne Iveson

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Explore the delightful world of metric measurements. Learn how precision transforms cooking. Recreate recipes effortlessly for consistently delicious results.

Metric Measurement Magic

Once upon a time in the enchanting realm of culinary wonders, a magical transformation was taking place – a shift toward the precision and simplicity bestowe…

Gluten and Glyphosate

A Peek into the Murky World of a common Vegan Diet. Gluten and glyphosate are often the talk of the town in health and nutrition, related to dietary concerns…
The cost of different flours can vary, but making your own bread can still be cost-effective. While specialty flours may be more expensive, basic flours like all-purpose or bread flour are generally affordable.

The Flower of Flour

Understanding Flour Varieties Flour plays a crucial role in diverse culinary creations, influencing textures and flavours. My Blog explores various flours…
Embark on an epicurean journey with us and discover the magic of global flavors!

Exploring All Global Flavours

In today’s interconnected world, culinary fusion has emerged as a captivating topic among food bloggers. From Korean tacos to sushi burritos, fusion cuisine …

Milk Makes Me Nuts

In the quest for sustainable and health-conscious living, Milk Makes Me Nuts. Many have turned to nut-based alternatives to dairy products. These plant-based…
From homemade kimchi to probiotic-rich kombucha, Switzerland's top chef Silvano Braga's recipes showcase the transformative power of beneficial bacteria.

Do It Yourself Fermentation

Unlock the art of preservation and join my Do It Yourself Fermentation adventure and savour the tangy, probiotic-rich flavours crafted right in your kitchen.
Embrace the future of cooking! Explore Switzerland's top chef Silvano Braga's Culinary Tech Creations, where innovative recipes meet cutting-edge technology for a modern gastronomic experience.

Culinary Tech Creations

Embrace the future of cooking… Explore the Culinary Tech Creations, where innovative recipes meet cutting-edge technology for a modern gastronomic experie…
Switzerland's top chef Silvano Braga's Farm-to-Table Concept: Showcase the journey from local farm to your kitchen, highlighting the freshness of the ingredients.

Hyper-Local Ingredients

Celebrate local flavours… Dive into this Hyper-Local Ingredients collection, showcasing the richness of regional produce and the essence of terroir.
Switzerland's top chef Silvano Braga's Final Dish Presentation: A beautifully plated dish, showcasing the textures and colors of the plant-based ingredients.

Plant-Based Fusion Delights

Discover a symphony of flavours with our Plant-Based Fusion Delights. From jackfruit tacos to chickpea desserts, redefine your palate sustainably.

Crafting Magical Fresh Pasta

In a charming village cradled between sun-kissed hills, a young man named Alessio stumbled upon a weathered recipe book hidden in the dusty corners of his la…

Mushroom Meat Magic

Discover the world of mushrooms with “Mushroom Meat Magic,” your go-to source for exploring the delicious and sustainable potential of mushrooms as a meat su…

Heritage and Heirloom Cuisine

This blog focuses on exploring and preserving traditional recipes passed down through generations. Bloggers might delve into their own family’s culinary hist…

Zero-Waste Cooking Movement

In recent years, the zero-waste movement has taken the culinary world by storm, advocating for sustainable kitchen practices that help reduce the environment…

Fermentation Frenzy At Home

Fermentation isn’t just a culinary trend; it’s an age-old practice that’s making a massive comeback in home kitchens everywhere. This natural process enhance…

Plant-Based Comfort Foods

Introduction to the Rise of Plant-Based Eating. In recent years, we’ve witnessed a green revolution on our plates. The shift toward plant-based eating isn’t …

Downsides of plant based eating

When it comes to plant-based eating, it’s important to approach this lifestyle with a well-informed perspective. While there are numerous benefits to a diet …
chef-silvano-braga-journal-featured cream of tartar

Cream Of Tartar

The Magic Ingredient in Your Pantry. Have you ever stumbled upon a recipe that demands egg whites beaten to stiff peaks or the creation of a flawless sugar s…

The Tale of Olive Oil

Embark on a journey through sun-soaked orchards where the essence of the tale of olive oil transforms into liquid gold. From the skilled hands of harvest to …

Curries of the World

Dive into the vibrant world of spices with my spicy journal entry. Uncover the rich tapestry of flavors that span continents, as we explore the stories behin…
chef-silvano-braga-journal-Jingles and the Enchanted Oven Intro

Jingles and the Enchanted Oven

Once upon a festive winter’s day, in a quaint little kitchen, a batch of gingerbread dough was being prepared for the family’s Christmas dinner. This wasn’t …

The Soul Of Sauces

When you observe children eating, what do they most frequently dip into? Sauce. How do you judge a chef? By the soul of sauces. When gourmets start raving, w…
Let our top chef Silvano Braga take you on a unforgettable apple journey

When Apples Are in Season

When apples are in season, there’s a magical transformation in the air. It’s as if Mother Nature herself waves her wand, and orchards burst into a symphony o…
journal-post-easter-journal Story of the Easter of Hope

Story of the Easter of Hope

Once upon a time in a peaceful village nestled among rolling hills and vibrant meadows, the arrival of spring brought joy and anticipation. Flowers bloomed, …

Sunday Lunch With Friends

On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, Sarah gathered her closest friends for a long-awaited Sunday lunch at her cozy suburban home. The aroma of roasting chi…